Von der Lobau


  Here we would like to introduce ourselves and give you a small insight in the cattery

"of Lobau"

      We are Marga and Heinz Kuda. Together with our four-legged darlings we are living in the suburbs of Vienna in a nice private house. Our beloved cats are part of our family and so are our kittens, who are fondly raised in these surroundings.

Cats were part of our lifes long before my husband Heinz and I even met each other. Once together, they always were one of the things which connected us above all.

      The first Persian who moved in with us came from a shelter in Vienna, a further one was bought in a pet shop. One thing both of them had in common was that they did not grew very old.

      We started our cattery back in the 70s. In the beginning we worked with the colors cream, black and blue only. Looking back we really can say that it was quite a long time ago when our first litter was born.

  Once we also worked with the Birman breed and we also were quite successful with them, too. But we never forgot about the Persians and we returned to this breed pretty fast.

The hightlight of our cattery was the breeding of the "silver shadeds", the "chinchillas" and the "goldens". We worked with these colors with the Persians as well as with the Exotic Shorthairs. Especially our Exotics were well knows in many European countries (e.g. Switzerland, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Italy, Germany and of course in Austria).

      At the moment we work again with the classic colors, but we still have our silver ones. We also try to concentrate on the tabby versions with orange eye color as this variety seems to be especially impressive and striking.


For some time now a small part of our cattery belongs to the Himalayans - the colorpoint variety of the Persians. Their point markings and their striking blue eye color is really special.

      I guess we can say that once you said "yes" to a cat and shared your life with one you will miss their company forever.

     As kind of veterans of the cat fancy we want to wish you fun - have a nice time during your stay on our webpage.

Marga & Heinz